Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Sweet Bomb

Today in the cabinet meeting over exponentially rising prices , govt couldn't deliver a conclusive result. As a result meeting turned out to be a copenhagen summit. As a result price will rise further. Our so called economist "Dr. Manmohan Singh" tried to apply his laws to the issue , but in vain. Mr. Sweet Sharad Pawar, threw another stone at the govt glass house cabinet , by saying that ,

we will not die , if we not eat sugar for few days , and sugar causes diabetes ,

is a another irresponsible comment from irresponsible minister. However he seems to be still in BCCI mode of governing where he was laying new cricketing rules , without giving chance to complain.

But he has forgot in the process that General Public is not like our constitution ,which can be amended as per our use.Forget electronics , china took over india in the prices of pulses , where it is 30rs kg in china as compared to 100rs. in india . This is just due to ever growing tummy of mr pawar.

His tummy can be explained by the fact that he has many sugar mills in  maharashtra , so that he can attain maximum profit from the rising prices of sugar , and hide his inefficiency in giving childish comments.

He(pawar) is great let down for Mr. Economist "Manmohan Singh" and "Italian National Congress (INC). Surprisingly , I wonder an ally of 9 member mp's party in govt., rules the govt. , while govt is helpless(i think due to votebank) , I believe "something is fishy" .

Govt believes that that price bomb is due to the over stocking of the wholesale dealers of foodgrains , just to escape the scapegoat.
While BJP has a great chance of having an issue over it , Its leaders like modi and varun have sarted a virtual war over govt , by stating pawar as "Raavana" and Mayawati as "Shurpnakha".Govt need to act on its slogan " Aam aadmi ki sarkar"
otherwise it will be too late , and people will lose so called patience. Govt. should follow the model of successful states like Punjab and Gujrat.

On the other hand "Maya" anti industrial policies letting companies go out of up  ,has laid a perfect foundation for mayaland(virtual jharkhand) , and she is in the making of another "Madhu Koda" . Up ha s a perfect chance transforming into statue land.

The need of hour is to get united and protest...

Otherwise This SWEET BOMB will xplode......!!!


  1. Sitting in the Chair where common man is unable to question him as he should be questioned, PM is making simple foolish statements. The timing too is bad. He taks months of pick up courage to tell people something which comes out to be totally unfounded. He says the worse is over, while his government is planning petrol hike. Does he not know what petrol hike means in general. It only means further price rise in general for everything from A to Z.

  2. We wish that our PM should have been awarded Noble price for bring back economy from Brink in 1990. But Honorbale PM could not curb balck money .His methods were not good enough for controlling inflation in veiw of increasing Oil price and Deficit finance. There is a heaven to hell difference ( gap between Rich and Poor) in assessing basic need such good water, santitation. Instead everybody in India talk about building bridges, port and FDI will bring miracle as it was done to IT industry . Corruption is not bad word until they caught. Real Estate inflation has become forgotten lot and Poor man could not afford house and what else Govt can do to stablize the economy.