Thursday, February 11, 2010

Achievements of Indian diaspora

Government greatest gifts to India with everlasting future impact
1. Failed "garibi hatao" experiments for decades by Congress Party ( resulting in Africa-like poverty in some parts of India)

2. Failed 'family planning' program for decades by Congress Party ( resulting in uncontrolled population growth) , while their family planning is excellent leading to uni rule of gandhi family , creating leaders deficit in india

3. Bofors bribery scandal swept under the rug to protect Antonia Miano (aka Sonia Gandhi) Italian connections and relatives

4. Giving India the pretence of a sham democracy. Puppetmaster Antonia Miano (aka Sonia Gandhi) staying in power without any accountability. Sonia surrounding herself with converted Christian leaders with Hindu sounding names like Digvijay Singh, Ambika Soni, YSR Reddy, Dharam Singh etc

5. A communist and christian run Indian media helps solidify Sonia's grip on power using propaganda. Rule of Congress assisted by hype and propaganda by the media.

6. Use of the CBI to cover up past mis-deeds - Sikh riots of 1984, Bofors bribery scandal etc

7. Maoism has spread like cancer to one-third of India on Congress government watch

8. Farmer suicides rampant on Congress government watch

9. Conversions of Hindus by Christians using money and material inducements coming from Western Churches

10. Surrender of Nepal to the communists because Sonia could care less for a Hindu Kingdom ( if Nepal had been Christain, Sonia would have intervened to prevent it from falling into the tentacles of Maoists)

11. Amnesty to 30 million illegal Bangladeshis who are used by Pakistan's ISI for anti-India activities

12. Fake Indian currency entering India more than ever thanks to the govt sleep at the switch for so many years.

13. Appeasement of Muslims and Christians ( a major party vote bank) , Appeasement of Muslim terrorist families with pensions, jobs, etc by the leadership

14. Do or die politics leading to Coalition Government , decision making slowed.

15. Encircling of India by China because of years of neglect of security on the border with China by the leadership

16. Surrender of Indian territory to Pakistan in 1948, 1971 and to China in 1962

17. Starting talks with pakistan , even they always send terrorists to india.

18. Starting Pvt. Universities leading to degradation of education system.

19. Believed in the failed Non Aligned Movement , due to which our army got the scrapped mig21's and many more after-wards.

20. Pseudo image of developing india , while food prices reaching a new high , and politicians filling their pockets on insreasing food prices.

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