Saturday, March 13, 2010

Indian Paisa League 2010

It is back in india , we all know , what ...... Hockey World Cup  ..... It is IPL !! The indian paisa league ...... is becoming bigger and bigger.......and biggest ....

Believe me it is on the verge of becoming richest and biggest league event in World.

Started on friday , with a grand opening ceremony , as grand as reminded to me as that of BEIJING oylmpics .
With an estimated enterprise value of $2 billion, Indian Premier League (IPL) is the World’s richest cricket tournament. It is one of the most awaited tournaments of the cricketing world. Top players from around the world align themselves to 8 Indian city franchises and sweat it out for 3 hours a day for 2 months.There will be businessmen, politicians, Bollywood stars and starlets, advertisers, audiences  and the cheer leaders and 2 months of unlimited Entertainment.

In a country of 1.2 billion people, most of whom are bonkers about cricket, the IPL is a symbol of everything they want India to become-a true global power.

No doubt that Indian Premier League (IPL) is the much viewed game than other sports. It has got the acceptance to the different ages’ people. Millions of people around the world always wait for the new edition of IPL.

India Dominates , we need to be proud of that fact !! IPL rules the cricket world.That is evident enough from the fact that few international players just retired from test cricket to maintain their fitness levels for T20 and other formats . Also The players who are rejected by their respective boards for playing at national level , wait eagerly for earning the QuickBuck here.The importance of IPL to each household is evident from High trp's of IPL matches , and higher investment in ads by companies , truly stated in an ad ,which fits on it exactly ,  that "There is no bigger Ticket that IPL ticket in india...."

In the Modi era cricketers can earn - pro rata, at least - sums to rival those of their footballing peers in English Premier League.

In 2008 he introduced cheerleaders to the game, causing a storm among conservatives. This year, he forged a deal with Google and YouTube to show live IPL matches online.

Now IPL2010 has been touted as "The World's Hottest Sports League"
 by "Peter J. Schwartz" for the magazine "FORBES" , he  writes ;

"Two years ago, IPL cricket was a pipe dream. Now it's the fastest-appreciating sports business on Earth."

That's what we all know , but what about its disastrous after effects , especially for test cricket and other sports specially in india. Also the speed at which IPL is becoming popular , is eating away all other international games events like Wimbeldon , Hockey World Cup and many more in India. Though we were lucky this time that Hockey World Cup just finished before the IPL ,The advertisement done in by the sponsor Hero Honda Paid Off ,  and more luckily it was in india , where Men in Blue with sticks , improved their position in the ultimate battle of sticks , Hockey World Cup proved out to be a high TRP , houseful , profitable event for FIH  , otherwise no one would have been dared to notice it. That  too compare the money given to each player in IPL and Indian Hockey Players , or other athletes , you will find the money given to each player in ipl is similar to the money given to whole team , sadly and ironically.Whats more disastrous is the attitude , of Indian government towards cricketers and hockey players , where ex hockey players like pillay and more others are even not given the pass to watch HWC in stadium.Moreover the power of Hockey india in FIH is negligible as compared to that of BCCI in ICC , as is evident from the controversial referel system imposed on india in the last knockout match on IND against SA , which lead to a improbable draw for india.

More over just compare the preperation and other teams , (For ex : Australia , who went on to win World Cup today , prepared 128 moves for the final in the 5 hour meeting of thier players and staff yesterday , and it paid off) ,  as compared to ignorance of Hockey India , which have members who never held a stick in thier life.

Truly Hats off to Australia who is rapidly becoming the pinnacle of each sport whether it is Hockey , Swimming , Cricket , Soccer etc.Thier cutting edge sports machines test the extremes of the sports person produced there.

More the popularity of IPL will increase , more the popularity of other sports will decrease , and India will become Uni Sport nation  , and then wish that Cricket would be part of Olympics .Then soon there will be a time where we will study in history about the national sport of india......
                                                                                                                         " Hockey World Cup"
                                                                                                                   Still a distant dream for India. 

Common Wealth Games also coming in Delhi in Oct  , can we put up the similar show as IPL10 , Or at least as Hockey World Cup finished yesterday , is itself a big question to be answered ?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Holy Mess of a DhongiBaba

BABA means Father. But here at our house we use the name Baba for Grandpa. When I was younger and just starting to talk I couldn't say Grandpa. ... minor speech issues so i worked with the word to finally getting me to say Baba. The "B' sound is much easier ... quot;Gr" sound. However for western people it must be phonetically similar to "BABE" ,they must be confused with that ,  but it is name for our admiration in a common household in india.

The name Baba has stuck ever since.

Jai bhole baba ki.....

These words are meant for our inner peace and considered as sacred .
But nowadays in this commercialized age of devotion , These are PUNCHLINES.


Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev says, homosexuality is a VIRUS and he can cure it!

Sathya Sai Baba Serial Sexual Abuser of Boys and Young Men.

Kerala’s godmen on the run.

10 Babas including pilot baba and kirit baba exposed taking money in an sting operation.

Asaram Bapu faces arrest in an attempted murder case.

Rape Case Against ‘Godman’ of Bhopal

'Godman' nabbed with six women, sex racket busted

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev announced to field candidates in next general elections -

These are the news we get to read every day....Which have mudsledged the word "BABA" .

I was horrified to see baba involved in sex scandal in delhi ....''The godman supplied high-class escorts. His clients often flew down to Delhi and stayed in five-star hotels,”

Many babas give child to childless couples by abusing the women , and play with the innocence and illetracy of poor people , who term that as "chamatkar".babas make lot of money in last rituals of a dead body , by saying that u can't see dead body by naked eyes , so take whisky , and then demand lots of money , while intoxicated.

And thus there are many more stories....

Modern babas carry laptop with expensive mobiles , and have girls all around them , they are more like "GODFATHER" rather than "GODMEN".They just cash in the deep faith of the emotional simple people...And the people get cheated in the process.

These babas are often invisible to general public , travel in business class , stay in five star hotels which they term as "asharams" .These babas say that they get money from followers outside india , but the reality is harsher. They like (asaram bapu) occupy the property of govt. , and Govt. is too shy to acknowledge this becoz of its vote bank . Many babas travel abroad on tourist visas in countries like germany  , poland , US  , Japan  , where  they can fool young people by teaching the art of living or meditation , following the principles of book called "The Secret" by "Rhonda Bryne" , only repeating them in their own way.

They watch Michael Jackson Videos , and listen to "Britney Spears"
Few take "Charas" as "Bhole ka Prashad".....and thus spoil the name of god.

There would be a time when these babas will have a 24*7 news channel ,would be 24*7 online , and have a job portal like "" and a political party , and will form a millatry  , besides Sanghs , Vhp's  , Bajrang Dal's , Ram Sene's and Karsevaks etc.

All these babas have decimated the meaning of "Sants" or "Saints".
They Don't Know who the saints or "bairaagi" are.Bairagees left their world for other people , but these babas can't leave only their mobiles for the sake of humanity ...

r_baba_ramdev vrinda_karat_row

The so called "Heaven on Earth" , "Kumbh Mela" , which comes once in 14 yrs. is a playground or advertisement ground for many of them.I  went to Kumbh Mela 2010 in haridwar and was shoked to see posters of "babas" and thier "chelas" stuffed on the roadside as an  election campaign , many of them were extremely provocative and couls cause a mob voilence and  , govt didn't noticed that.

There were slogans like "there is no hindu nation in whole earth"  & " why family planning is for us only  not others".

Thus Kumbh Mela is an occasion of good investment by various babas and thier " akhadas " . Even "naga babas" had precious Items , and "Kanwarias" are the another Shiv Sena in the process. "They are so arrogant that they jam the road , and if they see a vehicle coming they throw stones at them.

So Whenever you see a bearded person wearing an orange cloth coming towards you  , " Beware of those DhongiBabas and their Bhavishyavanis " !