Sunday, February 14, 2010

E - Love Aaj Kal (Funny Tale of Gen-x e-love)

Welcome to the new age , age of e-love. Gone are the days , when the flowers use to metaphorize love.In this e-age, you can give an e- rose from the flowers harvested in farmville in facebook.

If newton was born today , he would die!

Where relationships change every day , and one can e dump ur partner ,for those who have no power to face each other. For the e-generation material matters first , whether she is virgin or not , that matters.For e-gen or genx valentine day matters the most , but for older couple it is still "Belan time Day".

Nowadays we can DTR(Define the Relationship) as "Complicated" and boyfriends can be semi or quarter , semiboyfriends: boy has two gfs ,his body has two parts half for one and other half for other gf. It is an irony boys are divided as semiboyfriends while girls and women are not called nowadays as better halves , called as fiancees.Earlier boys looked at sindur of a woman ,or stare at her chest for mangalsutra and girls looked wedding ring of a man, where as nowadays a new trend hyphenated names like Aishwarya Rai-Bachachan which is a handy tool for determining a person status.

Today a person no matter how they look , can enjoy the e-relationships , they need to generate a far sightedness among his/her potential soul mates , just to make up a virtual image. ex : A case where a couple was dating for few years on a social networking website , and when they confronted each other ,they found that boy was very fat person , where as girl had wore specs.

Nowadays , Ecards are another tool for sending gifts , thus saving money and time of postage , they are the cards with a snappy personal messages written on them.Then there is an engagement ring at last which used to please girlfriend after a fight.

In Facebook world ,where an status update might me as destructive as an overdose of sleeping pills , it can devastate your relationship. Gen x Girls are a king of "attention maniacs" , ex: they ask how do I look , or how do I sing , and thus boy gets trained in all type of lies.Girls are nowadays self dramatized  , emotional attayachar , a whole stock of beauty products , as defined by boyz.In online facebook world gen-x set false relationship status , or false affairs to sell/show their datebility Quotient or to look cool among their virtual peers. They even change their hometown to a metropolitan city , so that their location looks petty cool.They post copied quotes from foreign locations , and upload special pics for their orkut or face book account.Also the genx chooses the coolest hangout like discos , or like pubs , girls like vodkas  , watch shows like "Splitsvilla" , or watch movies like "DevD" or whatever they call their father and mother as pops and moms.

At last my advice will be "Dikhave pe mat jao , apni akal lagao" , means " while choosing a partner for a relationship , apply the rules of our great grandfathers.

"Happy Valentine Day to all of you"   

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