Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Expressions of so called god...

"Hi name is not important. I have a comment. I don't like your attacks on the hindu faith. I think your ideas are full of shit. Let me tell you something. Atheist is the devils work. So go ahead bad mouth god. Your community will be blown up as long with you garbage or what ever happens. The hindu faith is not to brain wash people. That's just you people spreading lies. Your community is dedicated to nothing and that how it's going to be."

Fortunately, messages like this aren't all that common. We obviously don't think this represents the bulk of religious thought...but it does demonstrate the results of insular indoctrination and poor education. We are taught that god is every where , but in reality god is nowhere.Whenever I comment on atheism on Facebook , people are ready to kill me .

Asking an Indian whether he believes in God seems to be an unnecessary question considering the deep rooted religious and spiritual outlook that the society here is accustomed to. And you could be pardoned to dismiss Atheism in India as “Im the smartass” conversations among a few disillusioned youth outside 
the intimidating presence of hundreds of temples, churches and mosques. 

Question arises why every person is made swear on Gita in courts , why not other?
If a Hindu were to be asked to swear by the Quran, or a Christian by the Gita, there would be riots. But no one is bothered about the feelings of us athiests! In order to spare people from taking oaths on a variety of books, in the courts of Karnataka a placard is hung in the witness box that reads - 

‘I swear on the name of god that what I say is the truth and nothing but the truth.’ 

This is supposed to be a secular form of oath.

Second Question , The Special Marriages Act , 1954 allows us to marry without any religious beliefs and without any religious rituals.Still in the documentation it is written , " registration of a Hindu marriage under the special marriage act" , why?

These instances clearly shows thats the religiously breast feeded indian mind has not grown enough to accept the truth , he still beleives on non existent gods ...

Freedom of religion must include freedom from religion as well. - by an atheist

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